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Steelers were given the Super Bowl*

I am one of the many who watched the Super Bowl this February 1, and one of the few to watch from start to finish.  The Steelers and Cardinals both played a hard-fought and close game.

But I have some complaints! Along with millions of other people!

First, Arizona had 11 penalties for 106 yards, inlcuding numerous holding penalties and three on Mike Gandy, the left tackle.  One of these penalties was a personal foul for "running into the holder"...I mean this IS football isn't it?  Adrian Wilson was stumbling and couldn't stop his own momentum.  Also a very sissy "roughing the passer" call on Karlos Dansby where he gave a love tap to Ben and Ben flopped falling down to draw another flag.  Oh, and remember how many times Ben was scrambling around in the pocket avoiding pressure and threw it downfield, there were NO holding calls on Pittsburgh offensive linemen.  NO holding by any Pitt linemen.  I'm not buying that. 

Secondly, James Harrison on a punt, held Aaron Francisco of the Cardinals down and got him to his knees, then punched him in the back, and not only that, when Francisco tried to get up, Harrison knocks him down again!  Last I checked, punches get players ejected in every sport except hockey.  What is James Harrison still doing on the field?  This was a 15-yard penalty, but because the Steelers were at the 2-yard line, the penalty was half-the-distance-to-the-goal, which is 1 yard.  The only penalty for punching a defenseless player in the back is one yard.  And Harrison showed no class by not apologizing, and claiming that Francisco was going for his knees.  There is NO excuse for punching somebody in the back.  Mr. James Harrison, you have lost all my respect.  If you want to throw punches, go do UFC.

All the calls went the Steelers' way until the end of the game, when the game was almost done.  Looks like the refs got a special payday this time.

The two challenges that the Cardinals won came on blatantly obvious plays that were replayed so many times that they had to overturn them against their own will.  But at the end of the game, there was no review of the Warner "fumble".  They just gave the ball to Pitt and gave them the win with that.  I am sure America was waiting and wishing to see if Fitzgerald could come up with a hail-mary jumpball at the last second.

Well other than that, awesome game, I was bored a little in the 3rd quarter, but they really made the finish excellent.  Great catch by Holmes, great catch by Fitzgerald, and Arizona won this game.

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Bowl Predictions 12/20-24

I've decided to get all my predictions down on paper, umm, screen, and here are my thoughts on who will win these bowl games, including the silly ones such as the Eaglebank Bowl along with better ones like the Poinsettia Bowl.

I have my quick thoughts first, and a (sort-of) in-depth analysis in the second paragraphs.

Leave comments if you agree or disagree, and come back for the next round of bowl games!

December 20

New Mexico Bowl
(6-6)Colorado St. 16  (7-5)Fresno St. 24

Both of these are mediocre teams, Fresno State needs to salvage something from their lost season

Fresno State has flaked in the marquee games this season, including the one with a weak Wisconsin, but Colorado State has not beaten anyone of quality.  Fresno should have star RB Ryan Matthews back from injury for this game.

St. Petersburg Bowl
(6-6)Memphis 13  (7-5)South Florida 49

As much as I think USF is overrated, Memphis doesn't even deserve to be on the same let them play basketball

Memphis from C-USA barely reached bowl eligibility, and doesn't stand out in anything but mediocrity.  USF should be able to dominate with their star QB Matt Grothe.

Las Vegas Bowl
17 (10-2)BYU 38 (7-5)Arizona 41

BYU nearly lost to Washington, yes that Washington, and doesn't show up for big games.  Zona creates a nice start toward next season.

The Cougars have been quite vulnerable having to make comebacks in many of their wins, including ones with teams such as Colorado State and UNLV.  They haven't been dominating in many, and had that "win" against Washington with the Jake Locker "excessive celebration" affair.  Arizona is not really in the top tier of teams yet, but they have a great quarterback in Tuitama and a more than solid running game, and should be able to put away BYU.

EagleBank Bowl
(7-5) Wake Forest 17 (8-4)Navy 23

Did I mention how many times I picked Wake to win this season and got burned?

Navy has a great running game with their triple option offense run to perfection by new starter QB Jarod Bryant, and with Wake's frequent implosions of turnovers and defensive lapses, this rematch of a midseason Navy win should have a similar result.

December 21

New Orleans Bowl
(6-6)Southern Miss 10 vs. (8-4) Troy 28

SMU doesn't deserve to be here...the JV Trojans take this

I don't know much about either of these teams, except that Troy was up 28-3? on LSU and gave up that big lead in the 4th quarter to lose.  That may say more about LSU's weakness than the Trojans' strength, but that has to account for something.

December 23

Poinsettia Bowl
#9 (12-0)Boise St. 35 #11 (10-2)TCU 27

Undefeated Boise State is ranked #9 in the BCS, but was passed over by the "people" of the BCS for #10 Ohio State that has two losses to Rose Bowl teams merely based on the fact that Ohio State has more fans, and therefore will bring more people, which is revenue, which is money to the NCAA!

This actually should be one of the best games of all the bowls, including the BCS games.  Two highpowered "midmajors" meet in a battle for Western supremacy, and if Boise wins, this will be more gravy on the fact that they believe they deserve a Fiesta Bowl spot, along with many others.  Some will be pigheaded enough to say Boise State wouldn't stand a chance with any good team, but here is another proving ground for them in this undefeated season.  They have more on the line and more to prove, and therefore more desire to win this game.

December 24

Hawaii Bowl
(7-6)Hawaii 34
  (6-6)Notre Dame - 21

ND has a horrible season, one of the worst in their history, and their postseason prize is a trip to Hawaii???

I certainly don't like Notre Dame, nothing hiding here, but Hawaii is still the pick.  They improved as the season progressed, and this will be a home game for them.  Notre Dame certainly could be distracted by the hula dancers and beaches, but more importantly the turmoil surrounding the school's football program and the failure of the team to live up to high expectations.  And did I mention they haven't won a bowl game in over 10 years?

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Obama Rap (LOL)

Ok, I said two lines, and they rhymed, so I just finished the 16 and here you go.  Enjoy.  Comment if you like!

At the end of this line is that lil comma,
Our new president is Barack Obama,
He bring to this nation a brand new face,
He gon' to make USA a betta place,
Out with the old Bush, in with the new
Ya'll just wait and see what he gona do
Give Iraq some freedom, free them from their bounds,
The war will end, our country'll turn 'round,
Get people some houses, get people their jobs
The people support him, the people, the mobs,
He won Ohio, Montana, Virginia,
You know he's a good man, you know that within ya,
We've come a long way from that Gettysburg Address,
Gone down and now our country's a mess,
Obama will fix it, prosperity in range,
He'll fix it with determination and CHANGE!

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